Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This weeks bargin

The wonderful storybook town of Eymet, seems as though it is for sale, piecemeal. We stopped in today at an English / French run immobilier ( real estate office) to see what kind of deals were being had on the local market. We were told of a small townhouse that was reduced from 89,000euro’s to 39,000euro’s, all it needed was a new roof and an interior remodel. I can handle an interior remodel all day long, and into the night, but the place seemed too small and dark. So after I dropped Cindy back at the rented farmhouse, I drove into Eymet, walked for an hour around the town. There was a beautiful little townhouse, (74,000euro‘s, 3 bedrooms; I think if you click on the photo, it will open in another window ad enlarge) the picture of which is posted above as this post’s photo. The exterior details are mind numbingly beautiful. To replicate that level of quality and detail would be really cost prohibitive. The drawback was that its on the wrong side of Eymet, on a traffic street and surrounded by commercial blight, garages, other not so beautiful houses. Too bad really, such a nice elevation. As I walked around Eymet I noticed a lot of Agency signs, seemed as though there were two houses for sale on every street.
There was that Farmhouse I described in my last post, so I asked him about it since there was one of their signs out in front of it. He was really pleasant, helpful, but wasn’t sure what I was talking about. Turns out either a competitor or goofy adolescent, or whomever, decided to place one of their agency signs in front of the house. I recalled seeing a hand painted sign out in front of it as well, and told him. I got his card, really liked him a lot, and later drove by the farm house and wrote down the telephone number on the custom Boo Radley hand written sign. When I got back to the farm, I e-mailed him the number on the sign. So any of you reading this, get in touch with me and we can rebuild an eleven hundred year old Farm house structure, free; water damage, structural issues, mechanical equipment, play it right I’ll even let you throw in a pool. The season in Dordogne is unlike any in the world. I’d bank on it! E-mail me and I’ll write back with our banque account information, real quick like. Hello, h-e-l-l-o, any body out there? The number you have reached has temporarily been disconnected ………………………..Limited time only. You-all come back now, yahear.

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