Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting ready to take the dive;

Ecole’ pour ma fille. ( School for my Daughter)

Tomorrow morning Cindy and I are going to Caleigh’s new school in Duras to sign Caleigh into her French school. Cindy had previously sent over all of the required documents: report cards, references, birth certificate, vaccinations, doctors report, rabies verification, and our marriage certificate, odometer correction statement, and lunch receipts for the last four weeks. I’m really excited for her, but also a little nervous for her. She is going to have a few people that she has already met, and the scores of others that were introduced to her thru the Facebook medium. Cindy and I should have it pretty easy as the person we’ll be consulting with has a great background speaking English and is well regarded by most students.
The school day as I understand it starts at 8:45 a.m. and then at 12:00 noon to 2:00 (14:00 Fr.) there is lunch, but there are a couple fifteen minute breaks throughout the day, and school gets out at 5:30 p.m. ( 17:30 Fr.) however on Wednesday they get out at 1:00. ( 13:00 Fr.)
Also to my limited understanding she will have French, English, Spanish and the elective of Latin in lieu of playing basketball. Then there are the math, history, and science, music, art, and sport. I probably deserve a C+ for just writing this page about her courses, I can’t even imagine her work load. But I’m behind her all the way, way behind her.
Then after tomorrow she will be met at the driveway every morning, by one of the carpool parents and taken to the bus stop. Then after school she will be dropped off at the bus stop and picked up by another of the carpool parents, next week I will then be the morning picker upper; skip a week and do it again. But I am prepared. I have been working on my best Jerry Lewis impersonations. “With the geflavin and you‘re hurtin with the finger and the eye, hey lady, HEY LADY,” “ So call in now with your pledge…..” Hank, you are such a schmuck.
There is one thing I don’t think is going to happen, and that is finding English versions of their textbooks. Believe me, I will drive a couple hundred miles if they can source any. She will have a difficult enough time with the French during the school day, but trying to do homework in French may be a couple thousand straws for that little camel’s back.
What ever doesn’t kill me will make her stronger. Oh and a special shout out to Tits McGhee for proofreading and correcting some grammar.

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