Friday, January 29, 2010

Love in the time of Consumption

Well, after two days of lying in state, on the second floor of our rented farmhouse, I have emerged from my slumber and am attacking the keyboards once again. Neither sleet, cepacol, or the weight loss functions of consumption shall keep me from the appointed stories. Cindy dealt with the same mutant cold / flu double whammy with a lot more perseverance than I. I was reduced to a coma like condition, with an exaggerated nasally whiny “ leave me alone to die all alone in this bed”. In retrospect it was a miserable combo, one I wouldn’t wish on anyone, well maybe a couple people. This all started after we took Caleigh to a local Doctor, and she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. So after an exam, and the prescriptions ( 3 ) we were out about 32 euros‘. All of you that think that socialized medicine is the root of all evil, I pray never have a child with a serious sickness that forces you to sell everything in order to provide for your loved ones. Sure they play the accordion way to much in their music, but their priorities aren’t linked to health and pharmaceutical companies profit lines. I won’t mention politics or religion again, as this is blog tries to rise above the primordial issues of state and religion. Primordial or Byzantine? Caleigh is flourishing, today at school she is taking an exam for her International Scooter license, too bad the reference material is in French, as it should be, but I believe she will have someone translating for her during the test, and before the test she should have time to review with a school chum the regulations for that exam. For those of you that think what a trooper she is, in reality she doesn’t have it too bad, the school lunch program runs about 113 euros per trimester, and the food is great, the main problem is they only have an hour and a half in which to scarf it done. This weekend our little Audrey Hepburn is going to Bordeaux with 5 other friends shopping. We’ll drive Caleigh and two of her friends to Bordeaux, and the other three older girls will take the train. Then Cindy and I will window shop, as Caleigh will have our weekly allowance as shopping monies. Then horrors of horrors we’ll meet up with the group and escort the little campers home, much to their embarrassment. When I was a kid, if I had a problem with plans my folks made the solution was real easy, sit at home and play with a piece of wood and a hoop. And the hoop wasn’t a new hoop, nor painted. Well if we’re going to be in Bordeaux, I might have time to research some of their local products, or at least buy a couple bottles…..ah buy a couple samples of their specialties. Cindy and I have deduced that the best lunch deals are at local brasserie’s, and just order their special that day. We had been to cafeterias, hotel restaurants, and the occasional LeHoutearx for their famous buffalo wings. We had some pretty bad meals until we stopped at a couple brasseries, not exquisite, but a lot better than our regular fare, and reasonable. Well I’m sorry for the delays in getting posts done but I’ve been under the weather, what exactly does under the weather mean?

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