Thursday, November 21, 2013

We knew what we had before he was gone.

        Skye in a prairie with chocolate lilies

Compared to an insect, our lifetime spans generations. Compared to a mountain, it’s rather instantaneous. I imagine the secret to life is to experience it to its fullest, share it, and help build it for others. For me it helps round out any sharp edges by realizing that my worst day is better than 70 percent of the world’s best day. As depressing a statistic as that is, it also reinforces that we shouldn't waste the breath we each have.
O.K. so that concludes life 101.
I wonder if it’s natural or even normal to guard our fondest memories. Is it selfish to revel in the experience that warms us in the coldest times? Well, let me share one that just ended.
When Caleigh was four years old, we thought. “Hmmm, It’s probably time we got her a puppy.”
There was an e-mail going around the office where Cindy worked, it showed this pup that was offered to a good deserving home. As no one else answered the ad, she then invited us to come look at the dog. We got there and Cindy and I went to the door. We left Caleigh in the car. The woman who had placed the e-mail answered the door. We introduced ourselves, she smiled weakly and we started talking about the dog.
“Well, the first 18 months of his life he was kept in a kennel…the kennel called the owner and demanded that the poor soul be picked up and taken to a normal home. The woman arrived and picked up the dog and drove down the road a few miles. She stopped at another kennel and placed the dog there. Well kennel one finds out from kennel two that this is one and the same dog. They are rightly pissed and so they contact the woman who rescues dogs. She picks up the dog and re-socializes him. (Yeah I asked…she couldn't help me…but thanks for thinking about that.) The dog is wonderful and we all turn as we hear Caleigh open her car door and she gets out and stands by the car. The nice woman continues talking about the dog and its wonderful personality and we all stop talking as we notice this beautiful dog walk down her farm road from one of her barns. Caleigh is standing by the car watching the dog, she’s fine, relaxed. Then the dog sees her and puts its head down slightly and walks over to Caleigh. He sits right next to her and leans gently on her. She starts petting the dog. The dog smiles…it never ceased to amaze me of that trait. It had the funniest expression, it would slightly open its mouth and its tongue would hang out and he would gently pant.
We’re all watching the most genuine Hallmark moment for a couple minutes and we pretty much said at the same time.
“Wrap him up we’ll take him.”

Australian Blue “Skye” Shepard
Skye  2001-2013
The best dog I’ve ever had, sleep well young prince