Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mother and Daughter

Cindy’s mother Susan arrived seven weeks ago, it was nice to have family here as we were alone for a few months prior to that. From prepping rooms for painting, sewing beautiful fabrics into amazing gifts, to shopping at brocante’s together, they were inseparable. When Susan arrived with Gary I think it was a few days later that the Belgian draft horse gave birth to a daughter, fittingly enough. With the help of Susan and Gary, we were able to advance our completion of work considerably, even though the upstairs bath was never finished during their visit. They never faltered during the initial hell week that lasted three weeks, and then they were granted leave and escaped to Italy for two weeks before returning to finish off their last two weeks of sentence. Gary and I worked on everything from installing Kitchen cabinetry, and prepping with the ladies for paint, to fine tuning the method of bar-be-queing with the vines that had been pulled from the vineyard. They were also instrumental with the closing scene of the T.V. reality show we were in for restoring the farmhouse, as they were the completion scene at the end when we all looked back at the finished product, ( or not so finished project) We started with hors d'oeuvres in the completed kitchen and ended with the meal out on “Sunset Plaza”. That is the patio 30 meters from the house that overlooks the vines and pastures and the perfect sunsets, and where you have a very good chance of catching me at sunset time, on any given night. It was last night after Susan and Gary had left that I was sitting at the plaza with a glass of red wine and watching the barn swallows flying about that it struck me. The mothers were out with their daughters teaching them the art of flying, swooping and gliding and fine tuning their flight, not so many flaps of the wings, glide here and there, use the air currents, be graceful and above all fly.