Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks for the memories

We’re not taking much of anything back with us from this trip, our luggage is going to be pared down to the absolute minimum. We have the possibility of shipping a crate back to the states through the contacts of
Hanna’s folks, thank God. Cindy and Caleigh have made mention of the fact that they are sick of their limited wardrobe, I on the other hand would have been fine with two of every thing and just alternate as laundry dictated. Cindy will be so happy to read this as her free time usually consists of paying bills in France and in the States, the aforementioned laundry, meals, Caleigh’s school requirements, well the list is endless. She views my list with a callous eye, driving about, writing, sleeping, eating, researching wine, photography, more writing, it seems I have as much to do as she does, except mine is fun stuff. It’s good to be King.
We have so many things to be thankful for on this trip, Cindy’s Father Wylie, and Ginny have sent us care packages during the trip. These packages have included items not available to us over here. Caleigh has been blessed with the latest American versions of a plethora of teen magazines, she takes them to her friends sleepovers and they devour all the latest news. They have included everything from the complete makings of a taco dinner, except the hamburger for obvious reasons, to real Cheetoo’s, books in English, A red sox’s hat (more on that later), heavens the list seems endless. Thank you Wylie and Ginny, there were a few dark days that were lightened by your thoughtfulness. The constant E-mails and Facebook postings were really appreciated, my apologies for my occasional political postings, family is more important than my frustrated posts, and I hope they weren’t too biting. There were so many nice things family and friends took time to do, it was not unappreciated.
Then here in France, we have lots of memories to take back with us in lieu of luggage, I was going to say baggage, but I’m stuck with mine. The people we have met, and our experiences will always be with us. Whether it was the three boys on the school fieldtrip to Bonaguil, spending time with Hannah’s family, or Isabelle and Thierry Janssen, the couple who run the Gite we are staying at.
All these and scores more, and recently Hannah’s younger brother, Jules (who funny enough is an absolute Jewel) had admired my green (St. Patrick’s day issue) Red Sox cap. Caleigh mentioned his like for it to me a few days earlier, and I asked would he like it, she said, he would love it. When picking up the girls at Hannah’s house, a couple days later, Jules was standing by the car chatting with the girls, as I was speaking to the parents. Caleigh got my attention through the car window, as they were waiting in the car for me, and motioned to Jules, my cap was between the two front seats, so I nodded to Caleigh that yes, please give him the cap. I go back to talking to the parents, and I see a blur running around the car and Jules leaps at me and gives me a huge hug, while hanging from me, so I hug him back and gently lower him, after an eternity he lets go, as my eyes well up. Even writing this now I’m a little choked up, the nicest thing that’s happened to me in years it seems. So Wylie and Ginny, thank you so much for the cap. I’m going to go online, when I return and order another of the exact same, and it will mean even more to me knowing that its mate is being genuinely loved back in France, as mine will be, where ever I am.

P.S. I posted this ten minutes ago, guess what just arrived, an overnighted package from Wylie and Ginny, multiple packs of flour and corn tortillas (you can't get them over here)and the required spices. It is so nice to have an occasional taste of home. Thank you guys!

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  1. Hank, I have not "chimed in" to all the beautifully written journals I have enjoyed these past months, so now, I give you a huge thank you for sharing your family's adventures on this website. What an incredible experience you and your family decided to take on......the risks, the challenge, the language barriers and the financial hardship. So very proud of you, Cindy and Caleigh. Love, Nancy