Friday, March 19, 2010

The Saint-Cirq Lapopie Review

Saint-Cirq Lapopie; Heaven on earth, the most romantic village I’ve ever been to, they also have the food and wines to match. We have not however stayed the night, I think we will look into that. The approach to town is either the high road, or there is a low road. ( no comment needed I would think! ) Our first time here two years ago, we approached from the low road and wrapped our way up the mountain, its effect was wonderful, you were driving up a hillside peering over the edge into certain doom, then you arrive and are greeted to a storybook village. This year, due to coming from the southwest we were already high in elevation, and as we approached the town we saw great vistas beyond the town, and eased our way to the upper parking area. We first had lunch, as described yesterday, and my maladroit handling of the wine selection, then made our way to the overlook. A cliff pathway that you climbed, even higher than the towns already vertigo inspiring effect. The path was stone steps, that were worn smooth, and rounded, all you needed was a little regular rain, a little moss / alge, and viola! The French equivalent of Six Flags water amusement park, mixed with Disney’s, Raiders of the Lost Arc ride, mixed with an episode of House. “ You say this body was flung from 200 feet and bounced off twelve medieval arches and landed in a river bank, buried up to his waist?” House queries, then continues. “ I know this man, and he deserves it.” So we make it to the precipice, and I take a dozen photo’s and not one does it justice. We look around, Me walking around the Darwin fence, and Cindy resting in the center of the landing, away from the edge and any indication of how high up we really are. Glorious, then we walk back down the pathway, and make our way into the heart of the little jewel. It was after we returned to our rented farm house that I decided that I would focus on taking more photo’s of buildings elevations. After reviewing our photo’s I was blown away by the incredible beauty that these wonderfully crafted and aged houses possess. Anyway back in Saint-Cirq Lapopie, we meander around the labyrinth of alley ways and streets, every where there are boutique shops, wine shops, artisan wares, art galleries, and as it is not season, ( tourist ) there is a lot of construction going on, getting ready for the hoards. We spend an hour hiking about the town and have to get back on the road, as our drive back to our temp. home is a couple hours. We drive down the low road, so to speak, and take a couple snaps (photo’s not football ) of the town as seen from the road out. It is the photograph at the top of this entry. For anyone planning a visit to France, I would strongly recommend you look into, Saint-Cirq Lapopie, Domme, LaRoque Gageac, Rocamadour , and Sarlat. These are all near each other and you could spend three days and thoroughly enjoy some of the most beautiful spots on earth. Oh and if you want to throw away a lot of money, and really, really love lots of people, go at some point in late June, all of July, or August. We went in mid-March there was no one, free parking, great service at restaurants, most things were available, and the local people were great, as they weren’t frustrated yet and inundated by swarms of the worlds stupidest people….Tourists. (For all of you playing at home, I’m well aware of the fact that I am by definition a tourist. ) But if possible, when planning a trip abroad, I strongly recommend off season travel, ideally just before the “season” starts. Cindy and I now joke that, “ We winter in France.”

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  1. Must be nice to be in occupations that allows you to "winter" in France. You've certainly done something right!