Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When in Rome .....outdrink em"

I just was converted to mega storehood-ism. While getting staples... well not staples for a stapler, but stuff for our new house rental, food stuffs. Carrefort is the stores name, huge megastore, from Motoscooters to Fine Grand Cru's to Canadian Lobsters, viola.
See the photo above, this is of a Saint Emilion Grand Cru, 7 euros 90. it was an incredi-red. I actually drove back the 12 miles the next day and bought another 2 of them. All this research is gonna kill me, hopefully. Happy Holidays to everyone. We will be in contact with family and friends after the new year as we have to use a cybercafe to stay in touch. HoHoHo, and stuff
cheers Hank

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  1. With the price of petrol..........those were two expensive bottles of wine.........what's wrong with over-paying for wine down the street at the corner market?