Thursday, December 10, 2009

Round and round the mulberry bush

Six days to departure:
O.K. so today we loaded up 3 very large pieces of luggage. Bag A is for the first three days in Paris, and the two weeks for our stay at "La Cagnotte", a 19th century stone house in the medieval village of Haut de Cagnes. (Google it, its pretty cool) It's to the Northwest of Nice. Then the other two large pieces of luggage will serve as regular clothing for Eymet, where we will be for five months. We're going to be staying at " Lauzanac" to the northwest of Eymet, in the Dordogne region of France. Along with the three big berthas we'll have three carry-ons. Instead of shipping two medium sized boxes we'll just pack them into the carry-ons. With the two hundred dollars we'll save I'm taking Cindy and Caleigh out for dinner at "La Tupina" ( you got to google it,,,just a little bit)in Bordeaux. I better enjoy that meal as i've just committed ourselves to being seen as Gypsies en transit to the hotel from the airport,then from the hotel to the airport,in Paris, then in Nice. ( sung to the tune of...Oh my darling,,with the words.." I'm a moron, I'm a moron.) The good news is that Caleigh my daughter is really capable and will be of invaluable help....or else.
My inital thoughts were "just get ready and go, get there and enjoy, it will all work out". I can see explaining that chain of logic to a divorce attorney. (sung to the tune of, well you get it.)
Well smarter advice would be fore warned is fore armed, all this organizing will pay off. It's been humbling to see the amount of work Cindy has put into this, yes as much as i joke I've also put in lots of hours sleeping, i mean lots of hours helping.

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