Sunday, February 21, 2010

And away go troubles, down the drain

With the finality of a flushing toilet our planned trip to Italy, is circling the toilet bowl. We recently got word from home that our petulant septic system is acting up again. This aspect of home ownership in rural areas is the primordial sludge in the overall picture of things.
The history of our septic system is not for the faint of heart, so I will skip it, suffice it to say when ever there has been a problem, we have fixed it with the long term in mind. We have never just stuck a band aid on it, we have spent more than required to solve the issue. I just feel bad for Cindy ,as these kinds of wrenches being thrown into our plans do add a bit of extra needless stress. But on the bright side of it we are in our favorite part of France, so we can just pack lunches and take daytrips.
Two days pass, like a certain wind.
Well thank heavens for this electronic age we live in what with all these tubes and wires thingy, we have found out that there may be a remedy to our septic reality. So the trip is back on for tomorrow morning. I researched online and found two suitable hotels for the main block of time, one in Florence, and one in Venice. We will shoot from the hip for the hotels while driving to and from the two main points. This is our reality while on this trip, the making and breaking of plans, blending of schedules. Finances and weather, trying to keep the blog fed. I will be taking my laptop on the trip so there will be updates on the road with Lewis and Martin, as I am referring to Caleigh and her friend. As a parent it really has worked out so well having Caleigh’s friend join us, the miles will be taxing, the museums tedious, and my humor mind numbing, misery loves company. Actually, I honestly believe this trip for them will be a galvanizing experience, one that will add texture to their fabric later in life. (Sound of flushing toilet in background) Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but you can imagine how in flux we’ve been about this trip, gotta go and speed learn some Italian, Eh, rappatsa , ciao bella, bellissimo mi scusi. “ Parlo buonanotte Gracie”

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