Monday, July 22, 2013

Little King Louis - our first.

     It doesn't seem as though many things happen around here through regular channels. It seems for every foot , or meter we move forward, the process starts usually two feet behind the normal starting line.
     We have a history with our neighbor "watchdog", an oddly funny, trying, and always bizarre history. The latest chapter started like every previous chapter, squarely right out in left field. I was chatting with our neighbor, well in point of fact he was talking to me, probably correcting me in the ways of construction. I think at some point in his lesson with me, his dog Chippie ran up.
     Chippie is a French Bulldog. About the size of a normal Maine coon cat, not one of those feminine purse dogs, bigger with some value to them. She is a real sweet dog, always makes me smile, a nice quiet kinda favorite kind.
     Well "Watchdog" informs me she is with child....well children as is the case with litters. We finish off our discussion and I go back to work with our renovation. A couple days later I am walking back from the post box and run into the neighbors wife and she happily tell's me. "Chippie is to be a mother again." I smile genuinely and say "Bon chance." Best of luck.
     Later that night my Electrician is helping me and I mention the Chippie is with children.
     He looks at me and says "No, it did not take. Chippie is to have no children."
    "No; but it is being true, my neighbor and his wife each told me, just today."
     A smile crosses his face, as he realizes that our opportunistic neighbor has been caught with his dogs pants to speak. The Electrician proceeds to give me the backstory. His dog, another French Bulldog was the sire of said litter. My neighbor told him, sorry no take on the birds and the bee's activity. What would normally happen.....normally with two trusting people is that the sire of the litter gets one of the little litterette's as a stud fee. And normally......normally it would be the pick of the litter.

     I had asked Caleigh to come in and help me to better understand all the intricacies of the unfolding plot. She squealed when she heard that he should have one of the puppies.

     He cannot possibly take one of the little bulldogs ( not remotely like pit bulls) as his wife is due around that time. So he offers that he will donate his pup to Caleigh. What I would have given to be in the room when my neighbor was A: caught in the untruth, then B; informed that the American's (imagine someone holding their nose to indicate a rancid smell) would be getting the little pup. C: And that no money would be changing hands. The dogs are usually sold for around 700 euro's which is a thousand in American currency.
      We have yet to pay for a dog, as is evident by the quality dog we got in Holly, the wanna be Corgi. However we did hit the lottery with Skye, our Australian Blue Sheppard. Cat wise we have had a better return on our money, with maybe the exception being the recluse; Nipper.

      So a couple months pass, and Cindy has been shown the litter of three bulldogs, the one slated for Caleigh is a white one with a dark spot around his left eye. We were thinking wait and see, somehow this will go sideways on us. There will be some misunderstanding or needless drama.

     Saturday afternoon my neighbor knocks on the door holding the little pup and asks for Cindy. He has his entourage with him, five kids visiting, one crying, it must have been in her charge. He gives Cindy the pup and a ten minute lesson on dog raising. Interesting fact I want to pass on. Turns out puppies like water and puppy food and that they should be trained not to poop in the house.....and get this, they should do it (poop) out of doors. I kid you not, we were doing it all wrong before, training them to defecate on our bed. I stopped the tutorial when he started listing the pros and cons of making sure the dog is always breathing air. I put the duct tape and the flexibe pipe taped to the exhaust away.
Anyway introducing our new addition.....addition is French for bill.... like in a restaurant.

La addition s.v.p,  The bill if you please?   knew it would cost us some way. It looks a lot like Stich in the animated movie "Lilo and Stich"



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