Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dine and dash

Well right about now it’s 11:30 and I’m getting ready to call it a day, we have electricity and plumbing in the kitchen. Our electrician / plumber left an hour ago after getting our temporary power to the kitchen, he fired it up and everything works flawlessly. The plaster is a backbreaking job, but the most rewarding, I have another two to three days of it left. The ceiling beams were sanded and washed, then after drying were sealed, they look better than planned. The next job is to skim coat the ceiling and primer it, then give it a couple coats of finish paint. I think the cabinets will be installed by the beginning of next week, then appliances. Then all that remains is to button up everything for moving in to a functioning kitchen.
Well alright that was a week ago, we have been going nonstop. The cabinets are in the kitchen, but not completely finished, the plaster is at about 95 percent, the ceiling needs one last touch up prior to painting, and otherwise we are extremely happy with the kitchen. Today we tractored and trailer-ed the brush pile to the far pasture and set off a huge bonfire, that I then watched and tended for about four hours. Invigorating and exhausting, but we gained our sunset plaza back for ourselves, the brush pile was residing there but we evicted it and cleaned it off for dinner. So much has been happening; I awoke about a week ago and had excruciating pain in my mouth, an abscess. After a night of dreadful pain and nightmares about having a tooth yanked in a rural dentist office Cindy made an appointment for the next day. Of course the whole day I was dreading the appointment, and after another night of nightmares morning arrived and at 10:00 a.m. we drove to the dentist office.
I had worked my imagination to the point of expecting to see the equivalent of a scene from Saw for the dentist office. I walk into the modern waiting room and fill out the required paperwork, simple, and then when I’m called I walk into a dentist office nicer than my last dentist in Beverly Hills. I kid you not; it was like walking onto the bridge of the newer starship enterprise from the Star Trek movies. The dentist was the French equivalent of Natalie Portman, and after digitally scanning my mouth, she leans to me and tells me, the tooth is fine here’s how you keep it clean for the next few days so it can heal itself. I almost started crying, then remembered the promises I made about never forgetting to floss again. Or as one of my favorite dentists used to say, just floss the teeth you want to keep. I am going to keep this brief as we have been going nonstop, and I don’t think I can stay awake, but one quick thank you to Teddy, Cindy’s Aunt. “Thank you so much for your package, the cushy athletic socks are unequalled over here in France, and I don’t even know how to thank you for the dozen or so large bags of Frito-lay sunflower seeds. So you know the four packages of the razors were doled out pretty quickly between the gals and I, here they have the slow razors, unless one wants to resemble Van Gogh. Nite all

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