Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sitting here in Limbo, after buying the farm.

So a week before we left, we found a farm. The farm is located in a small village called Saint Jean De Duras, down the street from the local boulangerie. ( bakery ) The picture above is of the property, with the farm house in the foreground, behind it is a large barn. The barn appears closer than it actually is, luckily its 40 feet away from the farmhouse. We put in a strong offer for it, and it was accepted. There were proviso's for the seller and buyer, so that both parties are protected. We have gotten to the point now where in a couple weeks or so it should be ours. Our house in Los Angeles is still on the market, and after four months we have a couple interested parties, who knows? The stress has been mounting, and mounting for weeks, as we don't have much say in our lot these days. We are fed by the limitless possibilities, and starved by the realities that bind us. The amount of pre planning has been monumental, we've had a garage sale where most of my power tools went fast, too fast. We've had three different international moving / shipping companies come to our house and give their best guess, sure to have a fuel surcharge dropped on us once the order is placed. I've been researching different cars vs. trucks, depending on our needs when there, right now the vw transporter turbo diesel with removable seats is the front runner. And possibly a Peugeot 406 sedan for family duties, another dependable little diesel. We have worked on a few budget spread sheets, and linked one to a weekly schedule program, it looks very impressive, but will be outdated the minute it is printed, typical of project schedules in residential construction. The house is in a constant state of readiness, should the illusive buyer want to meander into the potential home that will complete their lives. It has been a fantastic home for us, all the improvements over the years, it will enable us to realise our next chapter....likely a chapter 11, but a chapter that Cindy and I have dreamed of, and one we hope Caleigh will thank us for after the Kramer vs. Kramer chapter of her life.

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  1. Salut Nos Amis,
    You need to adopt the Alfred E. Neuman attitude
    if you're serious about living here...
    "What? Me worry?"
    Please realize you have thousands of flavors of wine to degust
    and at least 400 types of cheese....because of this you will be way too busy and intellectually challenged
    with every gosh darn word for nut bolt and screw while you try and explain you're unhinged
    ideas to the guy at the hardware store so
    Have NO Fear!
    Just chuck a bit of your favorite things into a box and Come on Over here.
    Your American friends who've practically paved the way to Charenton await your giddy arrival. The door's open. If all else fails you can simply write the book.
    Insane laughter and the sound of "breaking wood" (play on words there ;D) heard 6500 miles away as we fall off our chairs !!!!!
    The Entire Hyman Asylum xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Awaiting Your Imminant Arrival