Sunday, November 22, 2009

Counting down the days until departure;

Our family in France in 2007

An overview for this blog:

This site is about my family's preparation, planning, and the trip itself to France for six months. This is to be our third trip to France, we previously visited in July of 2007, then again in July of 2008. There are so many items for a trip of this length, the main item is the schooling for our daughter. We have chosen a French school near the town of Eymet, in the Dordogne.
We have narrowed our initial itinerary down to departing LAX on Dec. 15th 2009. from Los Angeles we will fly to Paris for a few days, then fly down to Nice to spend the holidays with out good friends Andrew and Arlette. After two weeks we will most likely take a train to the village of Eymet, in the dordogne area of Aquitaine.
Our daughter Caleigh will attend one of the two french schools in the area. My wife, my daughter, and I took french lessons for a year prior to leaving for France, My Wife Cindy kept up with her lessons, me not so much. I kept telling myself that I would study as the departure date got closer. I will double my efforts upon arrival.
This blog will get into the initial motivations for the trip, the various stages of planning, getting the house rented with a family which would also take care of our four pets, finances and budgetary concerns, etc.
This is my first blog, but stick around the trip should be educational for all who follow.

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